All our chairs online are are size B, if you need a size A or C please email us on info@londonaerons.co.uk and we will let you know if we have any in stock.

How do I use the adjustments on the AERON chair?

Please follow us on Instagram @londonaerons we have lots of videos demonstrating how to use the different features.

What’s is your returns policy?

If you return the chair with in 14 days we will give you a full refund.

Do the chairs come with a guarantee?

Yes, all our chairs come with a 12 month guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the chair, we will repair or replace it for you.

What is the difference between the posturefit lumbar and the normal lumbar support?

The normal lumbar support can be moved up and down or flipped over for more or less support.

The posturefit lumbar support allows you to have more control over the amount of support you have on the lower spine. The posturefit lumbar support has a control on the right hand side that allows you to move the support in and out. It enables you to find a more precise support for your back.

The posturefit lumbar support can also be retro fitted.

How long does delivery take?

Once we receive payment we will deliver with in 5 working days.

How much is delivery?

For 1 chair delivery is £30
For 2-4 chairs delivery is £60
For 5 chairs delivery is £90
For 6-8 chair delivery is £120

If you are ordering over 8 chairs please send us a email for further discounts on delivery.

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